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GATS QuickStart

With the GATS QuickStart option you get -

  • When you call us one of our technicians logs on to your computer (with your permission!) via your internet connection (preferably broadband)
  • He uploads the files for GATS and does the rest of the installation for you, while you just watch your screen.
  • He sets up the step-by-step User Guide on your PC.
  • He takes you through an introduction to the main features of GATS, while you watch the screen and ask any questions over the phone.
  • At the end of the session our technician disconnects, and has no means of reconnecting to your computer without your giving fresh permission.  At any time in the future you can call us for assistance, using the same connection method.

Our remote logon facility is also available to existing customers for the installation and a briefing on the GATS 4.0 upgrade.

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