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The latest version of GATS is 4.033, which has been available from February 2015.

Version 3.9 provides for the new R68 schedules which HMRC have introduced.  These are slightly different for donations before and after 5th April 2008, and both styles are different from the forms we have been using up to September 2008.  HMRC say that only the new forms should be used.

The 3.9 version also includes a backup facility which is simple to use and is offered each time you exit from GATS.

3.91 corrects a small display bug on the Claims Summary Screen

3.92 corrects the display of Accounting Date on the Claims creation screen in those cases where GATS is being used for more than one charity, and they have differing accounting dates.

3.93 corrects the Claims Summary display when a claim is aborted, and handles changes to a donor’s tax status correctly.

3.94 corrects the posting of standing orders where the donor has ceased to be a taxpayer for a period.

3.95 corrects the posting of standing orders when processing in surname order, so that TR is now included.

4.0 is a major upgrade to handle the HMRC Online Claims system.

4.01 and 4.02 handle minor corrections that have arisen from processing the new HMRC Online Claims system.

4.032 incorporates the extra data validation required by the HMRC online claims system, which greatly reduces the chances of a rejection by HMRC..

4.033 deals with HMRC’s new requirements for donors outside the UK, but who are UK taxpayers.

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