GATS Gift Aid Tas Software
Windows 7/8

New installation of GATS.

GATS installs under Windows7 and 8 directly from our CD (or we can install remotely), and we have not detected any problems in running GATS under Windows 7 or 8.  At installation time a destop icon is created, which enables you to start GATS directly from the shortcut on the desktop.

Printing and our built-in backup function run normally.

Upgrading from an earlier version of Windows.

When upgrading, Microsoft are likely to warn you that you will need to reinstall your applications.  We believe that this only relates to applications that are stored in the ‘program files’ folder and where, as part of the original installation, details have been written to the registry.

These criteria do not apply to GATS, so you should find that the Equiniox3 folder is still available.  You will need to create a new desktop icon, by right clicking on the Equinox.exe application file in the Equinox3 folder and creating a shortcut, which you should then drag to the desktop.


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